Been a while…

I updated my WordPress and some silly plugin wasn’t allowing me to log in. It was highly annoying. I finally got an awesome person over at dreamhost to fix everything for me.

I’m happy. so here I am bloggin’ again.

Wow. I can’t believe I said that. barf. Its so trendy. MAN. I was spilling my guts and talking about stupid shit on the internet LONG BEFORE it was hip to do so.

I plan on updating a lot more with nice pictures of the food I’m making, plus recipes, just because its something that really interests me. I’ve switched up my layout, super girly and springy, but I’m enjoying it.

Still single. Working on a new ‘Potential Suitor’ questionnaire, since every guy I meet later is a loser with no life goals, a working car, vocabulary past WoW terms, or lives further driving distance that I would drive in a weekend. Or they have one of those…those… things that get in the way…a ‘wife’ or ‘girlfriend’. Whats up with people catching that all the time? All the good ones are taken.

I crave sushi. I might have to kill someone soon if I don’t get any.

This is about me, not about you.