Aiden’s Birth Story

Even though Aiden is 6 years old now, the pain of his birth is still with me. Its hard for me to sit down and relive the uninformed decisions I made, as well as the bullying, and bad treatment I received while I was in labor at the hands of the medical staff.

What I do know about his birth is that I learned that healthy women shouldn’t birth in hospitals. We are not sick. We are simply giving life and that is not an emergency.

Because of Aiden’s birth, I became empowered and passionate about birth. I learned how to trust my body and my subsequent babies to work as a perfect team.

I adore my son Aiden and I thank him for going through that difficult experience with me, because together we learned that birth is not an emergency and that women are strong.

I hope that by seeing his brother and sister born at home, peacefully, he’ll choose a partner someday who believes that birth is normal.



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