This is the end.

take care world. 

‘I hope she ends up in the mental hospital and they take away her children so they can finally be vaccinated. I bet our favorite anti-vaxxer is having a panic attack right now lol!’

You cannot shame me because of the things I have done with my body, the people I flirt with. 

You cannot make me feel bad for sharing passionate moments with ‘friends’ of yours.

What you should fear is that ‘friend’ lying and saying nothing ever happened. 

What you should worry about is why this person would tell you anything about our time together. 

What you should worry about is that ‘friend’ is two faced and said many horrible things about you.

You should worry. Because I don’t. 

I am not afraid of the truth, but you are.

Live in your electronic fantasy world where you think you matter. But you don’t. 

I hurt



And you are the cause. So flippant with your words. Such a back stabber, a liar, an evil human being. 

You are. 

And soon with my demise, all the little secrets you hide from those around you will come to light. 

You should have known better than to cross a lioness. 

The Moment

when you’ve been staring at the pill bottle your ‘love’ handed you, and wondering how long it will take to realize I’m gone. 

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It wasn’t real

i will deny  I made up everything. perpetual caster. secret keeper

May 13, 2015 0
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Dear T, I told you things in confidence, I begged and pleaded and pinky sweared with you. You hurt me. You win.  I’ll be your stepping board. 

May 13, 2015 0
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This is about me, not about you.